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Cloud Technologies

Whether you are looking for hosted email, online data storage, security and back-up solutions, replication and redundancy, or any of the many available cloud solutions, Common Sense Technologies can meet your needs.

Common Sense Technologies has fully vetted providers that are the best in the industry and will work with your company to choose the right fit for any cloud services.  

Below are just some of the services that we can help you order.


Hosted VOIP – Your phone system in the cloud.


IT Security - Cost efficient delivery models, which help keep the end user compliant and up-to-date.


Wireless - Managing multiple devices, term, and usage plans. Common Sense Technologies identifies, coordinates, consolidates and simplifies needs and applications thus maximizing efficiency and minimizing expense.


Data Backup and Storage - Gone are the days of purchasing in house servers to protect and manage your data. We provide virtualized servers in a hosted environment, which are reliable, secure, redundant and affordable.


Managed IT Services - Allows you to concentrate on the critical functions of your business and not on time consuming help desk issues. An off-site technician will access your computer and solve issues in an efficient and affordable manner, which gets you back online quicker. Empowers the end user to focus on daily tasks that result in higher efficiency.


Virtual Servers – CST identifies and evaluates the customer’s server requirements and we offer cost-effective solutions to accommodate your goals.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) – This is an application layer control protocol that is gaining maturity and popularity. Can be used for business line replacement, PRI replacement, and voice over broadband connections. CST is available to help you assess this emerging technology.

Unified Communications (UC) – Learn how to optimize business processes and enhance human communications by reducing latency, managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.  UC integrates real-time communication services with non-real-time which results in increased productivity.


Mobility – Ability to take standard and video calls from your ipad, iphone, or android as if it were your desk phone and provide secure access to critical business data.


Ethernet/Metro-E – newest technology for delivering voice and data with the highest bandwidth at the lowest cost.



SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) is a WAN deployment method using virtualization. It accelerates service delivery, improves performance, and ensures better availability by automating network functions like routing, switching, and management while utilizing available access technologies.


DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is a cloud computing offering in which a third party hosts the back end of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment.


Office 365 – Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools

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